Regis College Pride Strength and Conditioning Program

The following clips can be used to assist in performing the exercises outlined in your strength and conditioning plan. As always, please seek further clarification from the strength and conditioning specialist if you have any questions. Proper technique is essential – remember, if it looks and feels like you are wrestling a bear, you are probably not doing it correctly. Medical clearance from the Athletic Trainer must be obtained before starting any fitness program.


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Bench Press                             Cable Split Pulls    
Dumbbell Curl & Press                             Dumbell Rows    
Overhead Press                             Inverted Rows    
Pushup Variations                             Lat Pulls    

Incline Press Variations                             Pull Up Variations    
                              Upright Row Options    




Bent Leg Deadlift                             Cable Rotations    
Box Jumps
                            Clap Sit Ups    
Cable Squat & Row
                            Hip Thrusters    
Cable Squats
                            Lateral Medicine Ball Slams
Dumbbell Squats
                            Lateral Throws
Forward Lunges
                            Medicine Ball Slams
Hex Bar Deadlifts
                            Oblique Bridge
Lateral Hops
                            Plank Variations    
Lateral Lunge
                            Roll Outs
Plate Squat to Press
                            Rotation Throws    
Regis Box Sprint Patterns
                            SB Sit Ups
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
Single Leg Deadlifts
Split Jumps
Split Squats
Step Ups
Sumo Squats
Valslide Lunges